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Carlow County Museum



Carlow County Museum is located in Carlow’s Cultural Quarter, just off the town’s main street and is entered through the tourist office. Spanning four galleries, the museum has a wide collection of items and artefacts from Carlow county including: the original gallows trapdoor from Carlow Gaol, the 6m carved pulpit from Carlow Cathedral, items from Carlow’s Sugar Factory, which operated for almost 80 years, the smoking pipe of Captain Myles Keogh, killed at the Battle of Little Big Horn, items relating to John Tyndall, the Carlow scientist who discovered the greenhouse effect, a 340 million-year-old fossilized squid, a special exhibition on St. Willibrord, an English monk who trained in Carlow before becoming the Patron Saint of Luxembourg, the last cigarette smoked by Kevin Barry, an 18-year-old medical student who was executed for his role in the Irish War of Independence, the printing press used by The Nationalist newspapers… and so much more!