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Tralee Town Park



The park, locally known as “The Green”, is situated on the site of the old castle demesne which was built by the Denny family in the 17th and 18th Century. In 1826, the castle was demolished to make way for the construction of Denny Street. Edward Denny subsequently landscaped the area remaining from the castle by planting trees, laying down several gravel paths and constructing an ornamental grotto. A gatekeeper’s lodge was also built on “The Green”. In 1889, Edward died and the Denny family sold “The Green” to Henry Clements-Finnerty. Around this time “The Green” was offered to the Town Commissioners but they refused to purchase the park. Subsequently, fencing and gates were erected around the park’s perimeter (still seen to this day) and a charge to the public for admission into the park was introduced. In 1922, “The Green” was sold to Tralee Urban District Council and it officially became Tralee Town Park.